#18- My week in illustrations

Last week I attended Talk & draw in Rotterdam. This is an event for all people who love to draw. A speaker is invited to tell about their work and afterwards everybody can draw, either your own things or draw together, whatever you like. This time Koosje Koene was giving a talk about her sketchbook habit and how it has brought her many nice things in life. It was a very inspiring talk which made me think that it is such a good thing to develop a (daily) sketchbook habit. That means making at least one drawing a day, in a (separate) sketchbook. It does not have to be pretty or perfect, because it is all about practice and getting better in the things you try. It can be a place where you can experiment with new materials, drawing techniques or styles. So instead of showing you an illustration, this week I will show you some of my sketches.


As a suggestion, Koosje told us many things you can draw. Like your cup of coffee, drawing materials, yourself, hands, feet, other people and buildings outside. I tried some of these subjects as a start. I have to get used to draw something, just for drawing it… usually I sit down and think what I want to draw, but that takes more time to do it. And I notice I usually want to tell a little story with that illustration too… but now I just drew the things around me.




I found it a bit boring to just draw things around me, so another day I decided to pick a subject anyway and then do some sketches on that. So the subject here is (funny) houses. This was a lot of fun to do, I guess because it involved some designing too (haha, can’t help myself) This way I was more motivated to keep drawing, so I guess this is what works for me. I have to get into the habit of sketching daily. And I want to try out more and different materials. But first, I have to buy new sketchbooks, such a great excuses to go to the art supply shop :)

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Week 42 – October 16th – October 22nd