My pattern is nominated!

I joined the design contest of Motiflow to design a pattern for the upcoming Sinterklaas event. And my pattern is nominated, so cool! Sinterklaas is a dutch tradition for kids and the whole family. Because Sinterklaas will arrive in Dokkum this year, the city where Motiflow is located, they decided to host this design contest. The winning pattern will be used during this event on banners and all the presents will be wrapped with this patterned gift paper. Sinterklaas will even sleep under a duvet cover with the winning pattern. Really awesome!

You can vote for my pattern to be the winner here. Look for my pattern and hover over it with your mouse. You will see a star ⭐ please click on that. When it turns yellow, you have voted for my pattern. THANK YOU!

You can vote until Thursday 2 November (24.00 local time). The winner will be announced on November the 10th.