Week 1 – 100days project

Yay, a new line of blog posts about my illustrations! I was thinking about catching up with ‘my week in illustrations’ again, because it is so nice to draw every week and share this. But I wasn’t sure about it also, because I had the idea the illustration had to be about something that did happen that week. But I noticed I wanted to do more of designing or choosing a topic for my illustrations to improve myself on that subject. And that’s when online the 100days project started, and it all came together :)

So, I started my own 100days project which is 100 days of character design. I will share these daily drawings online in weekly blog posts, where I will try to give you some background information about the process. And of course I will share my illustrations on Instagram, just not on a daily basis. I choose character design because it is something I want to work on to improve myself and because I like it a lot to make up characters and their surrounding. I can do with some body drawing and facial expression practice too :)

So here are the first 7 designs I have made this week.



001 – Bird loving hipster


002 – Colourful scarf girl


003 – Pipe smoking fella


004 – Skating guy


005 – Blue haired girl


006 – School girl


007 – Thinking guy with coffee


I am trying out a lot of things, because I see this project as a creative playground. And a way to let go of wanting things to be perfect :) I noticed it was a lot of fun to do, to draw every day and think about the characters and their surrounding… what are they doing there? Who are they? Especially dressing people and designing their outfits is a thing I love to do, so I guess you will be seeing more of that in the next weeks. I am full of ideas for the next week now, so I will get back to drawing quickly :) 

If you want to follow me on Instagram, check the hashtag #100daysofcharactersbydesignwonderlab (or see my account @designwonderlab)


P.S. the 100days project is a global art project that anyone can join. It is about making art everyday, for 100 days long. You can choose your own subject (and medium) to have a focus and if you like to, you can share your art everyday on Instagram. Check this website for more information on the 100days project… and it is never to late to start your own project!