Week 3 – 100days illustration project

Already week 3 of my 100days illustration project. And it has been a joy again to draw characters daily. This week I have tried out some different materials and styles. I have experimented with gouache some more, trying to paint very loosely, without doing a sketch before I started. This resulted in a loose portrait and and a fashion illustration, where I wanted to concentrate on the dress more then on the girl wearing it. I have to get used to working in this loose way, but I think I can. I also tried some abstract drawing, with colour blocks… this was totally new for me too. I like the style, although I see some points I can improve :) But this 100days illustration project is also about loosing perfectionism, so this was a good test for this.

I did some sketching on how I like to draw noses, eyes and mouths one day, this became a fun pages in my sketchbook. All those eyes looking and mouths smiling.

Some daily drawings are inspired by what I see during the day. I rent my studio at an old industrial complex, which is also rented out partly as an event location. So quite often there is this company hosting an employee day, with fun games and teambuilding events. Last week this was happening again and all of a sudden office people were riding a mechanical bull in front of my window! Could not have thought of it myself, if  I wanted too :) But of course this was a perfect subject to draw.



15/100 – Flower girl in gouache


16/100 – Girl in patterned shirt


17/100 Fashion girl in emerald gown


18/100 – Eyes, noses and mouths study


19/100 – Abstract colourful girl


20/100 – Office guy on rodeo bull



21/100 – Reading girl


It has been a very diverse week, trying out different styles and materials. But that is what I like about this illustration project, it is a playground for me to try a lot of different things. And to make decisions quickly. Let’s see what next week will bring :)