Week 4 – 100days illustration project

Time seems to fly since I draw daily… here I find myself typing a new blog about my drawings of this week and it seems like I did the last one only two days ago… This week I have made a lot of different illustrations and characters again, I just love to try out different things, and if I tried one thing, I want to try something else next time… but I still think it takes me interesting places, so I’ll just continue this way.

This week I experimented with colour pencil in a few illustrations, which I liked a lot (I just might need some better paper if I want to do that  in the future, because now I make all drawings in a sketchbook with thin paper). I also tried out some more expressive faces and feelings, that was a lot of fun too (even though the expressions are crying and being angry or upset ;)) Some of these drawing have been inspired by real life again, like the dancing girl… we went to see dance theater, which was really great, those costumes and all those movements! Not quite there yet with capturing that in a drawing, but I might try again later.



022/100 – Boyfriend listening records


023/100 – Crying girl


24/100 – Teen with braces


25/100 – Welcome to the frog circus!


26/100 – NO, NO, NO girl


27/100 – Plant lady


28/100 – Dancing girl