Week 7 – 100 days illustration project

I am almost half way with this project, yay! This week I have drawn 49 characters, so only one character left… did I think I would keep up? Don’t know actually… I think it helps a lot that I have decided to do it on my own terms. That means I am working in advance, or posting with a delay so to say. This takes away the pressure every day, I know I have at least 6-7 characters ready to post on Instagram, even if I don’t find time to draw that day. That makes it way more relaxed for me. I am actually a bit behind on posting since I make my weekends offline mostly.

This week is really mixed, I made a few characters which I like a lot, and some I don’t really like. And I noticed I tend to draw more portraits then characters… or is there no difference? I made quite a few illustrations with gouache this week, really enjoyed that again. So it is a bit eclectic this week :) Enjoy!

43/100 – Relaxed girl

44/100 – Angry guy

45/100 – Upside down birdie

46/100 – Lying in a flower field

47/100 – Flower raincoat and boots

48/100 – Folk flower girl

49/100 – Sunset at the beach



Next week I will tell you a bit about what this project has brought me so far.